At Aqua4mums, we know what you’re going through!

Having had four monster babies myself, the book of pregnancy wins and woes is full!  The remedy to many of them is also sorted:  JUST ADD WATER!!

If you’re feeling heavy and stiff, come to feel light and free in the pool.  If you’re feeling stressed and pressured, come hit the release/relax valve, spend some special time with your baby and other Mums2B in the warm supportive water.

Why should you come?  Well, It just feels sooooo gooooood!

Reasons To Try Aqua4mums

Just you and your bump!

When we’re in the pool, it’s just you and your bump.  Whatever you are outside the pool: celebrity, chief executive, artist, midwife, phone obsessed, time stretched we leave it all behind us. Your baby is swimming in their amniotic fluid, right along with you!

Flexible Options

We’re all balancing busy work and life schedules.  You can switch between venues and make up classes during a block to work around your appointments etc. You do need your water fix every week, so enjoy your flexible package.

Friendly Staff

Seeing you in the pool is often the highlight of the week!  Being involved in this exciting time in your life, having a baby, starting or growing your family is truly a privilege.  We will always bring you great positivity and friendship.

Never Ending Support

All our teacher are physiotherapists and happy to support and signpost you towards help both during and after your pregnancy.  We also provide baby, postnatal and pelvic floor rehab options for after you have your baby.  We are truly always interested and here for you.

Proud mamma body!

We encourage you to be proud of your mamma body no matter how lumpy and bumpy it looks in a swim suit!  Your body is strong, you are powerful, you have ‘got this’, the true wonder of creating a new human being.

Free Classes

Yes, when you’re over 40 weeks all your classes are free!!  You’ve never seen a woman workout with more vigour than one who is 41weeks and 10days, and the beauty of the pool is that you can!

Lets help get the party started….

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