Back to Class….exchange POOL for ZOOM!

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Back to Class….exchange POOL for ZOOM!

Really excited, Latest News is that we’re going on line!

Now, I would love to be coming to you from a pool, but the living room will have to do for now!

I really feel for all of you bravely and powerfully travelling through pregnancy and new motherhood mostly by yourself.

It also gives me hope that all these new babies are being born, life goes on, and the rock solid bonds you’ll form with your babies and partner, simply from spending so much time together will pay back for years to come.

The pace of life had become so busy, work, social engagements , FOMO, these new COVID times suit babies so much better!  Naps can be front and centre, not needing to rush around so much, enjoy the slower pace of life, it will pick up soon enough!

So, new classes for all stages of the Mum journey.

All classes are 5 weeks and start week of Monday Jan 11th 2021.

Prenatal               Thursday 10-10:45am

Thursday 7-7.45pm

Postnatal              Friday  9.30-10.15am

Baby Massage     Thursday 11-12

Friday 10:30-11:30

Prenatal and Postnatal is €60 and baby massage €70.

Email: to Book

More details about the classes in further posts.


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