How to naturally boost your energy during pregnancy?

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How to naturally boost your energy during pregnancy?

How to naturally boost your energy during pregnancy?

Well I might be biased here, but I reckon the pool is the answer to that question!

Energy is a funny thing. Its not like any normal bank balance.

Spending a bit of energy, often gives you more.  And saving energy doing nothing just makes you feel more zapped and more tired.  Weird!

We’ve all been there, home from a hectic day at work, have a snack/dinner, flomp on the couch, energy level feels frankly zero.  It takes a lot of determination to get up, get your bag packed and back out the door.  But miraculously, you hop in the pool, feel the silky water giving you a hug, and Bam! suddenly your tank is full again.

Bopping in the pool is the fastest 60 minutes of the week, the chat will be ninety, and you’ll be bending and moving your body getting rid of all those aches and pains and preparing your body.

You’ll be full of energy after your class, high on post exercise endorphins, hungry, revived, for about an hour or two max!  And this is why I say the pool is the answer.

You’ll generally have a terrific nights sleep after class.  I’m not sure whether it’s the exercise part or the special effect the water’s hydrostatic pressure has on your body stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system and pushing extra fluid through your kidneys so you don’t have to get up and pee as frequently, but Sleep Hard!

So, then you wake up, refreshed from a restful night and ready to face the day.  You’ll probably be hungry too, so a healthy vitamin and mineral fuelled breakfast is the key to an energetic day.

So the pool, or exercise balances the key ingredients for boosting energy:  restful sleep, eating well and moving more, the recipe for maintaining good energy levels while making a new human being!