Our Professional Team

Aqua4mums is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax & enjoy a class with us…

All Aqua4mum’s instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists and are working as physios in various settings of primary care. private practice and acute hospitals in Dublin. We teach Aqua4mums classes because we love it!  It’s a privilege to work with you at such an exciting and inspiring time in your life, bringing a baby into this world. All instructors are especially knowledgeable in both Aquatic Physiotherapy and Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

You are indeed in safe hands

Aileen Convery – Chief Instructor

I have worked as a physiotherapist since 1993 when I graduated from West Virginia University having completed my swimming career there.   I discovered I was pregnant while finishing my specialist qualification in Aquatic Physiotherapy in Bath in 2003.

I really enjoyed doing Aquanatal with Mary O’Driscoll in Dublin during that pregnancy, particularly as I had problems with pelvic girdle pain, the relief was terrific.  This experience really inspired me to teach and share Aquanatal, that son is now 17 and 6’4!

I have continued to adapt and improve the class format incorporating best practice in physiotherapy terms but also drawing out elements from yoga, tai chi and pilates that I found particularly useful during my pregnancies.

Adding the magic of water, which I passionately believe in as a healing and supporting modality seals the deal.  The Romans were on to something with their SPAs, Salude per Aqua, which translates as ‘Health or Healing through water’.

I want to share this magic with you!

I have really enjoyed training and inspiring other physios with a love of water to work with pregnant women at this special time in your life.

I would love every pregnant woman to experience this weekly treat of working out and having fun in water helping you to feel fit, fabulous and confident that your body is ready to birth and look after a baby.

Come find the magic with Aqua4mums!