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This is a huge piece of work that every mammy in Ireland can be very proud of and in some way is reflected in.

I dearly wish a question regarding aquanatal could have been included, but that ship has sailed!  When starting out with Aquanatal 17 years ago I wrote to every practicing consultant in our Dublin Maternity Hospitals enquiring if any would be involved with researching aquanatal and its marvellous but mostly anecdotal effects.  I got one single reply, and ended up attending Dr Byrne for almost all my baby’s births, but never did get around to that research!

There is much written regarding the learnings and take home information from this study and womens experiences of irish maternity services. Enjoy some highlights below and feel free to look elsewhere, there is oodles of information.

Link to Trinity College’s breakthrough study of Maternal Health and Morbidity in Ireland.

About the online resources that have come out of the MAMMI study