Aqua4mums Postnatal classes gives you the opportunity to spend some time just on yourself, building back up your fitness and strength in core and pelvic floor muscles, in the cushioned environment of the water.

Postnatal Classes

  • Postnatal classes are run in six week blocks periodically through the year.  You must have cleared your six week check up with your GP/Consultant to participate.  Mums with babies of very different ages attend, 6 weeks to 6 months or more, whenever you feel you are ready, there is no rush.

  • It is a very active fitness-based class with some high intensity interval training included, the current buzz in fitness circles!  There is also lots of arm and chest and bum toning as well as some tummy burn all in a marvelously cushioned environment, protecting those joints which are still a little challenged from Relaxin Hormone for several months after having your baby

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The gloriously warm pool and gentle stretching exercises helps to iron out lots of kinks too

Early motherhood is hard going on your body…………….Reward Yourself.

Aqua4mums postnatal classes are a fabulous way to return to exercise after having your baby.

You can start postnatal classes anytime after your 6 week check up.

The 45 mins is an active fitness-based class with everyone working at their own level, with some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT is all the rage in fitness circles currently) but in a very low impact environment.  This is a perfect combination for joints and pelvic floor adjusting to life after pregnancy.  We do plenty of arm, shoulder and upper back stretching and strengthening (the second most complained about area after childbirth!!) And of course, lots of deep abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening work to ready for return to land-based exercise.  There’s also time for relaxation and whole body stretching with some most important ‘me’ time.

Early motherhood has a lot of very repetitive mechanical postures with feeding, burping, carrying and nappy changing, filling your day, and night!   Doing them with a tired and recovering body leads to aches and pains.

In the warm and lovely pool let all those aches and pains melt away.

Benefits of Postnatal

  • Improve your fitness – After warm up and check-in class begins with at least 20mins of progressive cardio building all your muscle groups.
  • Tone Up- Attention is paid to strengthening postural muscles along with arms, neck, core, upper and lower back, legs and of course abs.
  • Attend to your Pelvic Floor- According to the MAMMI study 1 in 3 irish women have trouble with leaking after giving birth. In class there is a constant eye kept to using and improving pelvic floor muscles throughout all exercises, and some specific work for them too.
  • Your perineum and tummy is supported by the water and you weigh a lot less in the pool aqua4mums is a great stepping stone back to on-land exercise programmes.
  • We finish each session with special stretches to target tender areas and give them ease, with some moments of calm relaxation
  • Gently build up your fitness

Why Water Works?

  • The unique buoyancy of water supports your body, lifts your limbs and allows easy three dimensional movement.  It’s a welcome relief!
  • The turbulence and viscosity of water creates resistance in all directions when you’re moving your limbs through the water.  Your instructor uses this property along with water ‘weights’ to make things harder for your muscles, and a better workout!
  • Water weights tend to be light as air!  Polystyrene noodles and barbells, aqua discs and empty bottles all weirdly dial up the effort guage!
  • The more your arms and legs zoom through the water the harder your core has to work to counterbalance this force just to stay steady.  Tilting your body off balance also increases work in the bank.

  • The warmth of the water naturally eases any aches and pains and improves your flexibility.


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